Health Club

What is Mopheth Health Club?
It is a Forum where you get information on how to live a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy and get personalised health drug information on your health concerns

What the Club Offers
Personalised Health Support Services
Counselling on your Health Issue
Get Our free Mosante monthly
Newsletter by e-mail
Get Drug Information anytime you need it
Get discounts on your required monthly drugs for those who are hypertensive or diabetics etc
Can give your referrals to specialised institution both locally and internationally
We can help keep your health records in case of emergency. Your doctor can have access to it by contacting us
Get information on promotion in the shops


1. Pharmacy & Health
2. Vitamins & Herbal Supplement
3. Fertility Drugs
4. Beauty & Skin care
5. Cosmetics
6. Skin care products
7. Baby Products & Toiletries
8. Contact Lenses & Glasses
9. Phone in Consultation-(01 774 7522)
11.Make up products
12.Men’s Grooming Kit
13.Health Club
14.Sport Nutrition
15.Health Check
16.First Aid Kit
17.Walking Aids

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