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Our offices are easily recognizable by the distinctive red and white colors of our logo which is a big white capital letter ‘M’ inscribed within a red circle with a distinctive white element at the top right hand side of the circle.
We can also be easily identified by the excellent quality of our products, and the services we render to clients which set us apart in the industry.


The Mopheth Logo, so full of symbolism gives credence to our vision –Building a Momentum. The red colour which is the same as the colour of blood, the life giving fluid of the human race. It signifies our desire to give life to all that we do and be the heart beat that pumps life for every human need. Hence our motto which says:

If you don’t drink us, you will eat us;
If you don’t eat us, you will wear us;
If you don’t wear us, you will use us;
If you don’t use us, you will fly us;
If you don’t fly us, you will drive us;
Everybody must have a contact with Mopheth

The white colour on the other hand, since the last decade has been used to depict technology and the future in the 21st century.



The letter M as seen is the first letter in the name Mopheth which is translated “Miraculous sign” or “Wonder” occurs twenty six times in the old testament. Indeed the creation of new human cells from one single unit into an estimated 100 trillion in the human body Is nothing short of a miracle.


In addition to these symbolic colours, we have the letter M and the distinctive white element at the top right hand of the circle. All of these are connected and give meaning to one another yet each retains its individuality. The distinctive white element in this context can best be described as a cell. Its entrance into the red circle here denotes a humble beginning.

The multiplication of the cell is known to occur gradually from one cell to two and so on. This continued growth and development is what we set our hearts to at Mopheth Nigeria Limited .Hence our slogan :Building a Momentum.

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